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Anderson Fumulani from Malawi message

Anderson Fumulani from Malawi message
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First I have to be lucky for Car From Japan to pick me as the winner. Suffice to say that I have confidence therefore, Car From Japan will pick me as one of the winner. Secondly, I have to earn as many points as possible to increase my chances of winning if Car From Japan tells me how to. Already I am accumulating more points as I write this message hence increasing my chances of winning.

I have just been introduced to Car From Japan. But it seems you have better quality than the competing suppliers and it also seems you have most models available in stock. That is a big plus for you. The last point is that you should find a representative from here because your competition is already doing that.Major competitors include Be Forward and SBTJapan. Already Be Forward have opened office in Malawi. They are also sponsoring a football team. Car From Japan needs to take an aggressive approach to win the Malawi market which has a huge potential and appetite for Japanese used cars.

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