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Amos Enos William from Tanzania message

Amos Enos William from Tanzania message
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Thanks very much Car From Japan for your incredible welcome and invitation for me being one among the participants on this Car-Giveaway competition of yours, sincerely I’m grateful for it. Though for a moment I’m still having no car yet, but for a long time I have been in love with cars from Japan. The things which interest me the most about Car From Japan is that your products/cars are the real ones and particularly when talking of colors, conditions, and even the way you serve your customers is really awesome in general.
About one year ago, I happened to be and travel in my uncle’s car (Nissan-Terano) which was bought from Japan, I did feel good being inside that car generally the whole day because most of the time all the things inside that car were pretty good and awesome; from radio’s sound, air conditioning, safety to seats’ cushions as a result the whole trip was as comfortable as every human being on this planet earth can imagine and feel about. Frankly speaking, it’s not a common thing to a person to feel tired and fatigue easily while and after having a trip or a journey by using fundamentally a car from Japan. Really, it’s you, Car From Japan obviously know how to meet the desire and touching the hearts of your customers in accordance to what I can boldly call “The Needs of the Time”!
See, Hana Yurimoto, we, the human beings currently are living on the earth that is full of all kinds of life miseries if not challenges; and so we have to make a commitment to committing ourselves from using products and services which instead of giving us a comfort and a relief give us head-aches and more life miseries. Hopefully and consciously, the whole World, from Latin America to Africa know where to go and/or to whom to talk about so as to meet what I boldly calls “The Needs of the Time” and particularly when it comes on the question of reliable, comfortable and safe cars where the only answer is Car From Japan.
Recently, I (Amos Enos William) am the founder as well as the Managing Director of the Victoria Development Organization (VIDO); a grassroots, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and a non-profit organization located in Tanzania. The organization’s activities mainly focus on promoting quality education delivery, environmental conservation and community development across Tanzania mainland. The organization’s mission is: to promote, support and improve the initiatives pertaining to the availability, accessibility, improvement and development of quality education; environmental conservation; and community development in both rural and marginalized urban areas. VIDO envisions at becoming a leading organization in improving people’s livelihoods in both rural and marginalized urban areas.
And so the reason why I’m proposing for the Car From Japan’s competition committee to pick me as the winner is basing on the fact that the car will facilitate much of my routines especially meeting most of the needy people in rural and marginalized urban areas across Tanzania Mainland and hence meeting most of the organization’s objectives, mission and particularly the organization’s vision. And so, it’s my great hope and I’m conscious optimistic that one day, in time and space I’m going to own a car from Japan, and thanks very much in advance!

Kind regard
Amos Enos William

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