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ally mayumba from Tanzania message


am deserve to be a winner do to that fact that am ambassador of convincing people around me and other to buy car from japan because those car which are traded are in good condition which will enable the buyer to use the car until he or her wish to buy another one from japan,not only that those car made from japan can serve at any point around the world, it is of high quality technology which enhance the user of Japanese car to feel comfortable all of the time when he or she drive. car from japan can be driven for number of kilometers without get problem in the engine. car from japan are made by people who know the needs of the current world, car from japan is the best one and this can be proven by naked eye. our government of Tanzania is one of the government which use car from japan and not only that even Tanzanian individual most of them drive car from japan. And also am glad to participate in this competition and i declare that i will be ambassador of Car from Japan in Tanzania if you will appoint me official. i want to be a part of you.

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