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Ally mango from Tanzania message

Ally mango from Tanzania message
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You should choose me as winner for the following reasons
1.I have much trust on the cars manufactured from Japan and this my dream to get car from Japan
2.I want to invest in economic issues to improve the living standard of my self and other people surrounding
3.The car will help to have self employment as I have said above I want to invest in production issues. I will use it in poultry activities to supply eggs to my customers,
it will help to find raw material which will help to increase production and to maximize profit. This is because it will reduce the cost of running the business because the cars from Japan they are economical in terms of fuel consumption
By maximizing profit my company will expand and so I will employ more people so it will solve the problem of unemployment in our country.This will be achieved because I have enough knowledge on how to run business effectively and efficiently.

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