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Allan Thathi from Kenya message

Allan Thathi from Kenya message
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Dear Hana Yurimoto,
Chief Marketing Officer, Car From Japan Co.,Ltd.

First I would like to commend you for the good job your company is doing and helping people especially in Africa own affordable cars.The car yards in my country have relatively high cost vehicles compared to Car From Japan.Personally I don’t own a car and as a fresh Computer science graduate I would need one to manoeuvre around since I am also self employed at my car spare parts job.I need the vehicle to move around and meet clients since I take a lot of time walking through town and commuting due to traffic jams thus leading to missed meetings.

I also would like the car for a taking my sick girlfriend to hospital because it is very hard getting ambulances where I live and people have to walk for long distances to take their loved ones to hospital.
Car From Japan has a strong motive and a great marketing strategy and I think in no time your sales will increase enormously.I admire your price & wide range of cars and service delivery compared to the few Japanese companies in the market companies in the market and I believe your entry in the market will help a lot of people.According to what I gathered from a friend Car From Japan conducts their business with utmost integrity. your customer service is superb, and while at it, you will give value for money. You match quality, with value, pricing and good-customer service – which most of the times do not go together in most firms.
Thank you for your good services.
Allan Thathi

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