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Alice Dalrymple from St. Lucia message

Alice Dalrymple from St. Lucia message
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Japanese Used Car – Pick Me as your ambassador for a car from Japan

I would first of all like to thank Japanese used car for this giveaway. There are many companies around the world who export and sell vehicles but not many would find it in their interest to have such a giveaway. A venture like this to give a winner a Car From Japan shows that the company cares about their customers and value their service by giving back to this special winner.

Please allow me to tell you why I should be chosen as a winner. When I entered the contest, I realised that my country the Commonwealth of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) was not listed in the available countries.

We do have a car boat that visits our country every 6 to 8 weeks, and we do have a number of car dealers here. Winning this car will give me an opportunity to be an ambassador for Japanese used car. I will ensure that the vehicle is branded with your company’s logo and website information; a logo that should be strategically located so that even if the vehicle changes color, the branding will remain.

I am the Sales Manager for the country’s top radio station; Kairi FM Dominica. My job requires me to travel around the island everyday to meet with clients, do promotions and surveys. I am confident that I can also promote the company wherever I go.

It is not by coincidence that my husband is also actively involved in ordering goods for the general public; a hobby that gives him the opportunity to help many persons who are willing to order certain items on a low budget. As a frequent importer of small goods, he has also been involved in ordering vehicles for friends, family and coworkers; learning to do the work of a broker on his own. To date, he has ordered over fifteen vehicles from Japan and Singapore; something that he also enjoys. Nothing is better than having a customer tip him after they had been so pleased with their order that would cost them twice the amount from a local dealer.

I am sure that as a team, we would be able to be ambassadors for Japanese Used car, and help uphold your company’s goals in providing the best vehicles to my fellow citizens here in Dominica.

Again, I would like to commend Japanese used car for this opportunity while I keep my fingers crossed in making this a memorable experience.

Thanking you for the opportunity and wish your company all the best!

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