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ALI SHAURI ALI from Tanzania message

ALI SHAURI ALI from Tanzania message
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How do think about car from Japan
Japan is collection of islands that can be found far east, these islands are famous in the world. Most of the country know Japan due to their business activities. We as a Tanzanian know these islands based on its products or services. Our country belief that Japan is one of the best country in the world which produce high class/quality goods
My self I belief that Japan product are the most than product from other country, since 1970s i like product from Japan due to its quality. There are famous product from Japan know as National, Sony, Philips etc.
I have television, radio, telephone made by Sony company. In addition to that one of the richest country with strategic human resource with strategic action
Strategic human resource management are the management that have capabilities of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating with efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. therefore Japan industries have such intellectual and this is why they compete with other organization/institution/industries.
I real appreciate this event due to best quality product from Japan. In our country businessmen, society, and other stakeholders belief that having product from Japan some have luck and no body can be come the some as him/her

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