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Alfred R. Mori from Micronesia message

Alfred R. Mori from Micronesia message
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Dear Hana and Company,
I am very happy that I entered this give-away competition. I have been a fan of Japanese cars, and ever since I was little Japanese cars were always our #1 choices of cars. In my home country, most people drive Japanese cars, because they are known for their endurances. I myself won a car from Japan which is a Mitsubishi Mini Pajero from a raffle ticket. Actually, a friend of mine bought the ticket and wrote my name on it. We never even expect to win, but then I was very lucky. The Reason why I entered this competition is to do the same thing for a person that I cared about in my entire life, my dad. My father has done so much for me that I can never repay him back. I always wanted to give him a car. But, I am still in school and could not afford one. When I saw the advertisement from Car From Japan Company, I knew this would be an opportunity for me to win a car for my dad. This would mean differently when winning a car than buying a car for that someone. I know most people would want to enter this give-away prize just because they want to own a car. But, I chose to enter this competition for someone I cared about. That is why I think I should win a car. Trying luck for someone we love. I’d like to again thank you for accepting me as a competitor and I wish you and the company wealth and the best in all the coming days.
Alfred Rokuro Mori

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