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Alexandre Asatiani from Georgia message

Alexandre Asatiani from Georgia message
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When I was a little child on my birthday my mom bought me Personal Computer. It was really hard to find children of my age to have PC at that time. I instantly went to PC game store, with money, which I was saving for some time, and as every child would, bought several games, one of which was called “Need for Speed”. This game was about car racing. It brought me great joy. It gave me a chance to see, feel and enjoy things that would be impossible for me to experience in real life.

One day, I returned from school, did my homework and was ready to have fun. I turned on my computer, started game and was searching for new car for me to race with, that was the first time I saw my dream car – Mazda Rx-8: looking elegant, safe, luxury and felt like it was built to grant pleasure. At that moment I hoped that in future I would own this car and experience what it would feel like to drive it. 9-10 years passed since then and I still feel same way as I did before about this car.

I’m currently a medical student and pursuing my career by participating in certain medical or other scientific conferences, special projects, researches and of course I’m studying really hard to become best I can be. Every day I have lots of work to do, many places to go, but in my family no one owns a car and it is really hard for us to move around, especially for me.

I’m known to be a very successful medical student, people say that I’m very talented, gifted person and that they are jealous of me, but to be honest I’m the one who’s jealous of them. I almost never get chance to have fun. My friends won’t even call me to go out with them anywhere, because they know my answer to that: “Sorry, I’m very busy today, I really want to but I can’t go out with you”. Every time they call, I’m busy. I understand how they feel, some of them even told me that in their opinion I just don’t want to go out with them and I make excuses for myself, but truth is at moments like that I really wish I had time to be with them. It’s painful to watch everyone around me having greatest, unforgettable years of their lives, while I do nothing but search and acquire more knowledge. I know it’s better for my future and I’m not complaining about me working hard, I just wish to experience better things in life while I’m still a young adult.

Currently I’m using public transport and it’s really problematic. Every day I have to wait for it to arrive, then if I’m lucky get in it and slowly get to the place I’m headed for. Public transport is very crowded, it is unpredictable whether you will be able to get inside the transport or not. This whole process consumes huge amount of time and energy, especially if you have several places to go.

Owning a car could be the key to my problems. Of course, it may not solve everything, but it will certainly grant me more time, that I desperately need. Moving around would be much easier, it would help me as well as my family and at last I might have a chance to ride car of my dreams which I craved since I was a little child.

That is all why – Car Giveaway is a perfect opportunity for me to acquire what I greatly desire and need.

I hope I will be chosen as the winner and acquire Japanese used car (Mazda Rx-8).

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