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Alexander Ndungu from Kenya message

Alexander Ndungu from Kenya message
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I am privileged to be in a competition with one of the leading brands for Japanese used cars.
I have had a chance to look at the cars listed for sale in your website and its amazing how most cars are in very good condition, very clean and above all the prices are very low compared to most of your competitors.
With over 13,000 cars one is lost for choice, with so many good cars to choose from. I have recommended you to most of my friends who have also been very impressed.
Soon i hope to import a car from you, though I have two questions that I would like answered.
1) Do you offer group discount if one buys more than one car? My friends and i plan on joining and importing at the same time if such benefits exists.
2) Can one buy directly from you or does one have to go through an agent?
3) do you have an office in Kenya? if so what is the address.

I would be glad if I can get a response to the questions so that I can communicate the same to my friends.

I would like to be chosen to win the car because most people that I recommend to join the competition think its a hoax. I would like to prove to them otherwise. At the same time I would like to be the brand ambassador for CARFROMJAPAN. It would be an honor.
I choose a hilux because I work in a rural part of Kenyan coast, with vulnerable population mostly people affected with HIV and AIDS and the car would come in handy to transport very sick patient to district hospital and also to transport supplies from the town to the village especially medicine and nutritional supplements for children with HIV.

Thanks a lot for coming up with this competition that will help market the company , rewards customers and also give back to the most in need.


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