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ALEX NAMU NJUE from Kenya message

ALEX NAMU NJUE from Kenya message
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Dear,Car from japan,
First of all i would like to show my gratitude to car from japan for presenting this wonderful opportunity to many people, especially from Africa to own a car.
I am humbled by your human nature and your willingness to give back to the society.
I would say every person who has entered this competition deserves a price but we can only have one winner at a particular moment.I believe in healthy competition but i was driven by my desires and passion to own a vehicle some day…. Am hopeful and optimistic of my future aspiration as they set my core goals.As to why i should be picked,is because i think i am outstanding among all the competitors and the energies i channel towards this competition is enormous.For a person to enter such a big competition must have a great believe in himself or herself and so do i.
To own a car in Africa is not as easy as the water flows down a river,this scenario is further complicated by huge taxes imposed by the respective states to such importations making it so had for most people.Once again i would call this a nobble task.
Car from japan is definitely one of the biggest dealers of used cars from japan and exports them to various countries across the globe at an affordable rates making its presence felt even among the poor majorities especially in Africa continent.With this nobble task i believe car from japan is making a difference among many individual as well as modernizing the way of living and easing travel.More importantly improving trade and economies of various states.
It is my alt most pleasure for according me this opportunity and wish to request for your favorable consideration to pick me as your favorite winner.
yours faithfully,Alex

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