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Aleksandre Chomakhidze from Georgia message


Why me ? I don’t know what to say, because there are so meny people around the world who want’s to win a car, and I’m one of them, I really want to win a car which was built in japan and won on your site. I’m 19 years old I’m student, I have driving licensy but I don’t have a car, If I win I think I will choose hybrid car I know that it’s not for teenager but for me it will be my first car and it will be fuel economy and ecological too. For second question I have my favourite answer: cars from japan are the best because you people know how to satisfy people, you know what is car all about and you are really making them to be the best in the world. Your cars are everywhere and my country is accepting that because we have lot’s of japan racing cars and we are winning the beatle on the road. I want to come back to first question and I think my answer is the same really I don’t know why me but I know that I need it. Wish me luck and I’m wishing you to pick someone, one of us !

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