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Alberto Ivan Dias Massinga from Mozambique message

Alberto Ivan Dias Massinga from Mozambique message
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I believe that I should be picked because june is my birthday month and I am a selfless person who puts others before himself and is eager to go the last mile to help someone out and I believe that I do deserve a perfect gift once in my life. If I get picked it would be the first birthday gift in 34years of my life.and I would forever treasure Car from Japan,Japanese used car. This would be a memorable gift indeed.

Car from Japan,Japanese used car would have answered a dream that I had given up on of ever owning my own car this competition gives me hope again that it may still be a possible dream,so my hopes have been risen again and let’s goooo I have faith in you lovely people up there in Japan, You have a great team which is dedicated to the customers and very caring and understanding I’ve been getting calls from your sales reps and they are very proffesional and dedicated to their work.
Having said this I do believe that Car from Japan Japanese used car is the peoples champion and sees its customers and potential customers as human beings not as another means of cashing in on the dollar but you people are more dedicated on meeting the needs of the less fortunate peoples of the would to make them mobile.
Even if I’m not lucky enough to win I will still try to raise enough money to buy my first care and Car from Japan Japanese used car is my supplier.

Thank you once again for this lovely opportunity
Ivan Masinga

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