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ALBERT PROTHAS MSIGWA from Tanzania message

ALBERT PROTHAS MSIGWA from Tanzania message
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Hana Yurimoto (Chief Marketing Officer,Car From Japan and your colleagues;- Good mourning!!, I would like to congratulate and give thanking for your hospitality and wishing you a nice weekend.I believe,I will always continue to be close with you even after the end of this contest.
I’m taking this chance as a golden one,in all the days of my life,because it is the first time for me to participate at this world contest through your company.So through this,I am recently regarding myself as the part of the world through this network.
I have always been observing and being heard from my fellow Tanzanians that,Cars from Japan Co,ltd are always best comparing to other nation’s cars.I will be very glad if I will get this winning because of your wonderful company’s reputation in worldwide,so through your good reputation,I believe that I will be the part of your reputation and goodwill.
best regards,

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