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Albert L Cummins Jr from U.S.A message

Albert L Cummins Jr from U.S.A message
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For me to endorse a program takes a lot of effort. I am a perpetual skeptic about every thing on the internet. I am always being cautious and checking every thing out from top to bottom prior my giving up my personal information.

I learned a long time ago that “if it sounds to good to be true, then it is most likely some type of scam or phising site. I was always taught NEVER to give up personal information unless you were aware of the person(s) that was going to receive it.

There is so much fraudulent activity, sites, and programs that are springing up on the internet every day, it takes a real safe security conscious person to get a leg up on them.

I have found that a real common one seems to be the one that offers loans to you, and they ask you send them a security payment to cover all of the legal aspects of the document.

Another one is that you have inherited a large sum of funds from someone that you have never ever met or heard of. They ask you to send them all of your personal details, banking information, and a copy of your identification. Now really…..Come on who in their ever living right mind would do such a thing.

A real popular one is that you receive notification from an alleged bank, telling you that there is a chance that your account has been comprised and they request that you send them your personal information and all of your banking account details, including credit cards.

I have seen a few alleged sites that tell you that you need to send money to this person in some remote foreign country via Western Union to you can receive your World-Wide ATM card loaded with x amount of dollars. The sad part is that this is going to a person in a foreign country that is listed to have a large potential of fraudulent activity.

Lastly and most common are these Rev Share or Cycler programs,. You pay in $5 now and in a certain amount of time you will get back $6. The way that they structure it it is quite complicated to ever earn your money back. Some of the pay processors have refused to interact with them and will NOT pay. So you have to be very very careful.

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