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Ajith Senaratne from Sri Lanka message

Ajith Senaratne from Sri Lanka message
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The reason I feel I deserve to be a winner is because like most of you, I’m sure money is a little tight. My father is serving in the navy and pay is well, not the greatest, to say the least. Being a spouse of a service member, you sacrifice a lot. It is definitely true to say that military spouses all share one thing in common; they have ultimately lent the military their spouse for the remainder of their military career. This is inevitable, as the military takes priority over family life and marriage, particularly during times of political unrest. After marrying your service member, you find out real quick that you’ve also married the military. That is one reason I feel I should win.

Another reason would be that I feel I should win is the fact that I’ve have received numerous awards and achievements while in I’ve been in school. I currently have a 3.8 GPA and graduated high school . In addition, last semester I made the Deans List. I’ve also held many leadership positions through out high school and college. While in high school, I was flute/piccolo section leader for my junior and senior year. I was also varsity softball team captain during my senior year. Last semester in college, I served on the student government committee.

The popularity of Japanese used cars is increasing with every passing day. The reason behind it is that these cars are the best companion of a man in the long run. These cars run on the road without any flaw. Everything in this world has it pros and cons. Similarly these cars also have pros and very less cons which can be ignored. Listed below are several advantages of buying a Japanese Reconditioned car.

Low Cost: Most of the Japanese used cars and vehicles for sale in the market are of very low cost. These cars are affordable by everyone.

High Quality: The quality of these cars is very high. Overall condition is also immaculate. This is because of strict quality tests of Japanese government.

Fuel Efficient: This is the biggest advantage of Japanese vehicles. They are fuel efficient and one can save even after buying a car at a very low cost.

Eco-Friendly: These cars are environment friendly and emits very less amount of harmful materials.

Equipped with latest features: These cars are equipped with latest features which make the drive of this car more comfortable and enjoyable.
Reliable: These used cars are reliable and durable.

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