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Abubakar Musa Nsekela from Tanzania message

Abubakar Musa Nsekela from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan seems to be a well established company with reputable references worldwide and now in Tanzania. It is a company that appreciates its customers and the community it operates in by way of contributing something back to the community and its customers through projects like this – giving free cars and gifts once in a while.

It is keen to reach as many people as possible wherever it operates and treats each equally without favour.

It is a company poised to expand and grow in the future.

If one was to ask me a direct question as to what i think would be the best next development step/project for the company i would not hesitate a minute but suggest it considers opening a regional branch for Africa South of the Equator in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I think this would work well as now our Dar es Salaam port shall soon become the most reliable link to East Africa and other countries like Congo DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and others. What with a new ultra train to be constructed come 2016 a at cost of USD 10 billion -mi think.

So, to the CEO, and all the heads of departments and more so to Ms Hana Yurimoto, and all staff, i wish the very best and Karibu Tanzania

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