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Abraham Ndiritu Mwangi from Kenya message

Abraham Ndiritu Mwangi from Kenya message
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I have always dreamed of owning a Japanese used car. I hope Car From Japan will make my dream come true. You have rejuvenated my zeal of having a Japanese used car, either through winning or making sure I save enough money and buy one from you-Car From Japan.
My dream car is a Toyota of a 1500cc maximum, second option is a Nissan model- am in love with Nissan March or Nissan Micra. The good thing is that, Car From Japan have these cars.
I want also to thank you-Car From Japan for the information we have on your website. You have made me understand what it takes to buy and import a car from you. Your catalogue are also superb, and you have a lot of car models to choose from.
In Kenya about 90% of car owning people trust Toyota cars. I hope everybody should visit Car From Japan website, because it is very elaborate and very helpful, on how to buy and ship a Japanese used car. If am lucky, i will be a special ambassador for your products. This by branding my vehicle with your logs and stickers(CARFROMJAPAN) for a whole year for free just to let many people know the best place to buy a car, no string attached. With those few words, I request you to pick me as winner and I will be very glad. Thank you.
Yours, Abraham Ndiritu Mwangi.
From Kenya.

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