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Abel Chipanera from Zimbabwe message

Abel Chipanera from Zimbabwe message
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I am glad to be in this competition and hopefully i will be the winner because l will make sure a lot of people will join this competition which is very useful.Car Japan has helped a lot of people especially in my country, Zimbabwe. The majority of us can not afford to buy expensive vehicles since the introduction of cars from Japan an increase in those who purchase cars from Japan by Zimbabweans has increased, well done Japan. We all know that the cars will be used but most of them are always found to be in excellent condition, this is really commendable, well done Japan. The project is a good project let it continue until everyone who cannot afford to buy a car drives.Who ever started the project, whoever is sponsoring the project may God bless them and may technology continue. You know long back people used to drive old model of cars but these days due to latest technology people are now driving latest vehicles that are affordable, this is again a commendable job, continue inventing new cars to copy up with modern trend. Again Car Japan’ s vehicles are cheap in terms of fuel consumption but please help us to cheap them freely to reach our nations. The import duty should be affordable especially to countries where money is a challenge.I have not have a car but l believe if l win one l will drive around Zimbabwe encouraging people to buy cars from Japan since they are affordable to buy and are always in good condition since Car Japan is doing a good job the world over.

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