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Abdul Razak Wakili from Malawi message

Abdul Razak Wakili from Malawi message
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Well I believe selecting me us a winner of the Car From Japan competition would have a major impact on me and aswell my country Malawi which is importing japanese used cars alot. It would give people the confidence of buying the cars from Japan as an example would be with them that their fellow country men has won a car from Japanese used car competition. Selecting me as a winner would be a thing that I would use to tell people from my country to buy cars from japan more especially from this site and I hope by winning I would try to convince you to open branches in our country so that people would not find problems in buying Japanese used cars from this site and from your company as well.

Secondly, I believe that Car from Japan is doing a very fantastic job by help people and other countries that are interested in buying Japanese used cars which are of good quality no doubt about that.
The company is growing up fast now since there are more people from different countries that are buying Japanese used cars from this company car from japan.

Thirdly, it would be nice if you expand the branches to countries that do really buy Japanese used cars from your company car from japan so that you can have first hand information about the Japanese used cars, how they feel about them and other day to day issues.

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