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Abdallah Kilyawape from Tanzania message

Abdallah Kilyawape from Tanzania message
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its my pressure to participate this competition because I like Japanese car its from my heart and if I become a winner I will be good person to promote, emphasize and to motivate people from my country in Tanzania to buy and use a car from japan
however i will use this car as to pressurize youth in my country to purchase car from japan
on myself this car will help me for school transport
about car from japan i believe its is made up in high quality and comfortable for use in home and in office too.
not only car even most product from japan like motor engine are in high quality
so that what can i do for the company to increase the relationship of Car from japan for trading in my country ,i will converse all public sector and private sector to buy a car from japan for better uses.

Not only that but also Japanese used car is good to save fuel and cheap than any car from other country ,so this also attract me as to save fuel and budget.
also save and strong car is only car from japan
its economic car
But also if i be a winner my dream will be come true as young boy to get transport from poor family in my country, all people will like this company of Japanese used car as to improve youth in giving them nice product like car
also if i get a chance to win i will announce the company or to be ready to work with the company any place in the world especially in Africa and in my country .
ooh God blessing me to be the one of them

your faithfully

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