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Zuhura Wangara from Kenya message

Zuhura Wangara from Kenya message
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Why I should be a winner is because I take pride in brand management as a marketer. This means I will be able to represent your brand accordingly, endorse it not just to individuals but to the corporate world as well.

Most cars used in our country are cars from Japan. They are in good conditions and better priced as well despite having been used. I say that because my mum owns one. And she has had the same car for almost a decade now but it looks good as new.

If there was an easy way to connect the vehicles directly to individuals or corporates without dealers I’m between, would be great and facilitation would be easy.

I know our Kenyan Market and the trends, this means as the winner chosen to represent your brand, applying the 7P’s of marketing with be a great deal to ensure great growth of Car from Japan here in Kenya and easy access to the clientele as well.

Remember a happy client is a constant customer…not just as a person but together with the referrals they bring.

Tell me why I should not be your winner ☺☺

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