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zainabu mwaru from Tanzania message

zainabu mwaru from Tanzania message
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Am so glady to compete in this compitation.
Am a lady who wishes one day to have a car. Now i see this dream now come true because car from japan now fulfil it. And i hope that am going to be next winner in this mont.
Most of people do not trust this competation as for me in the first time. But i real see the stetimonials from different people from this compitation.
I welcomed my different friends to compete in this compitation becouse it real good and motivating.
I real love this compitation and i will be happy if i will be the next winner in this month.
I also like to thank you for this good compitation.
I will be a good champion and person who will say good things which are been done by car from japan.
I real thank car from japan and i want most of us to try and to trust it and participate in this compitation.
Finally i thank all people and myself to participate in this compitation.

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