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Yohance Cazaubon from St. Lucia message

Yohance Cazaubon from St. Lucia message
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Hello Mr. Phan,
I am Yohance John Cazaubon, eighteen years of age and currently reside on a small island in the Caribbean, called Saint Lucia.
To answer your first question, I believe that I should be chosen as the a winner of this competition because I am a young entrepreneur trying to making a change in my slow paced country. My country is backward in so many different areas, so my goal is to try and modernize the industry that I’m targeting and hopefully grow it into becoming a regional modernization. The business that I plan to start off (July 3rd, 2017) is one where we deliver groceries, food and parcels to various households or business establishments. With that in mind the vehicle would be needed in order to transport the customers’ deliveries. I am at the point where I have most of the requirements in order to start the business for example:

  • the business plan
  • the business is registered
  • my business cards
  • my business shirts
  • clientele

But all I am missing is the cargo vehicle. The plan to get the vehicle for the business was to acquire a small business loan from a credit union. Moreover, taking a loan to start of a business is really risky, tho, entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. If I were to win a vehicle from you all at Car From Japan this would aid my business venture tremendously.
In relation to your second question, I believe that Car From Japan’s website sets itself apart from the other sites out there, because of its unique design and because of the valuable incentives they provided their customers with, for example the competition.

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