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Wycliffe Kavehagi Keya from Kenya message

Wycliffe Kavehagi Keya from Kenya message
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I have never owned a car and am longing for that great day that I will own my own, and that’s the first reason as to why I feel I should be picked as a winner. I fell in love with cars from Japan ever since I was young my favorite being Toyota Carina I love the car. I have put my best foot forward to market and spreading the gospel of cars from Japan far and wide and across social media. Apart from just winning, cars from Japan are easy to maintain as spare parts are readily available in our local market, car from Japan website provides useful information on maintenance, road safety, what to do and not to do, car comparisons, updates on new makes and models all in one, this are some of the details I am using to market cars from Japan. I am passionate and committed in marketing this great company and I feel I ought to own a car from Japan to match my talk, and marketing strategy. Please I have admired, dreamed and fantacised about owning one from Japan for far too long but that has been impossible due to lack of employment, owning my own would help me earn a decent living by venturing into lucrative taxi business via Uber and maybe create employment for other unemployed.

Cars from Japan are simply the best, they are affordable, pocket friendly in terms of maintenance, spares are always readily available, and last but not least they are built for my country.

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