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Wisdom Nkhata from Malawi message

Wisdom Nkhata from Malawi message
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Firstly I would like to thank God for giving me opportunitie to enter int this campain competition.

The reason that makes me to enter this competition is that I feel great to hear that our friends from japan they have a wish of giving a simple life to any human being in tearms of transport across the globe regardless nof who he or she is or what he or she have. By providing the cheapest car service, life of people is changing from difficult to simple life. In choosing me as a winner I wish to make Japanese used car to be popular and to make many people in Malawi to purchase cheap cars from this website of Japanese used cars.

CAR FROM JAPAN ithink will help most of Malawians to access a good quality of service after purchasing cars from japan since they will run their business at a cheaper cost than it was befor, since it was hard those days to purchase cars for someone who have small money since cars were expensive but withe the coming of this Japanese used cars people are affording to buy their dream car at a cheap price. Honestly CAR FROM JAPAN will transform lifenof many people in Malawi and across the globe.

Japanees used cars helpd us alot in our day to day life since the locomotive we are using for transport isform the japaneesn used cars, those past days people were struggling to buy cars eavin thieves were taking advantage to robe them but due to coming of the CARS FROM JAPAN people are free to buy their dream car at a cheaper price.

My hope for the japanees car is that I hope you could negociate with our Malawi government so that they introduce a duty free on some of new or old cars because people here are able to have money for only buying but due to the increase of custom people are failing to purchase their dream cars.

JAPANESE USED CARS should introduce a market here in Malaw,i people must buy cars here not as it is now since not all people who are able to buy cars have access to internet. In so doing that CAR FROM JAPAN can improve the living standard of all malawians. Thanks to you Japanese for introducing this company so that it should bring change in our life

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