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Willie Avekaia from Papua New Guinea message

Willie Avekaia from Papua New Guinea message
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*CAR FROM JAPAN is the company that I always think of everyday since I started with this campaign last year 2016 which I never won.. hahaha. I always think that when I win one of the Japanese Used Cars as per my selection with your promotion I will start doing my small business. This was one of my dreams; and my dreams is; I will do coffee business. Buy coffee beans and sell them to the factories or export to countries like Japan. With my selection of the vehicle is more suitable for the road conditions here in my country; Papua New Guinea. I really believe with my heart that I will be one of the winners for this Promotion.

  • I believe that Car From Japan has the best Japanese Used Cars in the world. Japanese Used Cars have the best Toyota engines that can last longer with minimum service cost. Really Best and Tough for our ragged roads, terrains, swamps and more due to the climate change around the world. I personally thank you; Car From Japan for the opportunity given to me to express my opinion on this campaign and my gratitude for me why I should win the best Japanese Used Cars and how do I think about Car From Japan.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Willie Avekaia,
    Port Moresby,
    Papua New Guinea.

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