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William Mumba from Zambia message

William Mumba from Zambia message
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Okay Lan Phan i am glad to hear from you and to support such a wonderful hard working team and company Car from Japan in particular.

I actually i am a management Accountant with vast business and marketing experience and i am ready to use my abilities and skills to represent your brand here in Zambia and other countries.

In the first place Zambia has much market for used cars especially car from Japan and with me you having a right person with Business and marketing experience which would go a long way to ensuring that you tap into this market with great ease and tact remember anyone can drive your car in the name of been a representative but only one with the right mix of skills and business passion can represent you well in a way that generates constantly increasing sales whilst marketing car from japan as a dependable brand.

Apart from the skills necessary to market Car from japan brand i am glad to let you know that i am a working young man with friendships and connections to a lot of recently employed young men who have dreams to own their own cars now or in the near future say six to eighteen months from now this in itself is a reason i believe i am the right candidate for your high reputable brand car from Japan since by been your national representative car from japan will have access to this niche market which happens to be growing quite rapidly here in Zambia. However, my age group and relations do not only give me access to young men only but as you may be aware a young man with business skills car trade passion like me is well able to reach and contact almost anyone to say a word about cars and car from Japan.

Lastly but not the least, i have personally had plans of getting into the business of selling second hand cars of which car from Japan as a brand has been my consideration to deal with in this trade. Therefore, if i where to be your representative i will personally be there to import those cars have them in my show room to prove to customers that i know the brand i am dealing with as well as the quality of their cars altogether, so i am a potential trade partner and adding the role of a representative will go a long way to adding positively to the success of CAR FROM JAPAN.

Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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