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willbard from Tanzania message

willbard from Tanzania message
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i m glad to see this competition and to join the competition. Japan is a country which has highest level of development interm of technology as well as other sectors. Japanese used car and all car from japan are the best world wide and many people ,families ,companies as well as states or communities they purchase more japanese car no matter it is up new or its a japanese used car, for instance in our nation (Tanzania)most of government cars are Japanese care including toyota ,mitsubish and many other.
. Japanese care are the best and in word market still they lead in a good position .
. I believe i’m deserve to win this competion because i m a winner and i real appreciate japanese car and i n reality Car from japan and all japanese car are strong and last longer and made with the latest technology that ever happen any where.
. If i might be an ambassador of Car from Japan i will convice ,advertise and use morethan thousand techniques that i have to ensure if aperson from any nation is in a need of apurchasing a car he or she must purchase a Car from japan or used car from japan.
. Many people they lack a knowledge about japanese used car ,and they have a false notion that used car from japan are very tied because of a word”USED CAR”. BUT i want to tell them today a Japanese used car is like a new car in some nation because its equipments ,condition and general outlook is resembleling to a new car.and it might be the best than a new car from a certain nation.
. Car from japan they have a good outlook ,efficient and all necessary condition on what to be called “a good car”
. Since i was born i have see many Japanese car than other cars from other part of the world,even though i do not own a car right now but i wish to own a Car from japan.” That is my dream which coming true” to own a car from japan regard less it is up new or it is a japanese used car. ” buy japanese car to double your world”.
If today some one will give me a chance to point a car and be awarder or to get an offer or a gifty of car i will chose Japanese car beacause ,Japanese car are the best.
. You can travel any where world wide by using a Japanese car . In hilly place or regions ,in desert and semi arid areas in plane areas and any where by using Japanese car because they are good equiped and they are made by using the latest technology,they value your price .
. Most of people in our community they like car from japan and they are last longer .harder to broke .
. The body ,engine and other spare parts of car from japan are available every where and they are affordable.
. I like racing and if i will get a company to sponsor me in racing competition i will appoint a japanese used car or a best sport car fro Japan.

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