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Wesley Abegul from Papua New Guinea message

Wesley Abegul from Papua New Guinea message
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I can assure you that I am the right one that you can pick as the winner.

I have been trying to get a car for myself for the past 3 years and couldn’t afford to get one yet as yet. But I am still positive that I will be able to afford one for myself soon.
It will be the first ever car for me to own as my own as I have never owned a vehicle in the past.

When I receive the car, I will testify to all my friends how I got the car and will encourage more and more of all my contacts on social medias, streets, work place to obtain cars from which I am confident that will certainly happen.

When I get the car, I will look at establishing a stronger network in which I am and always been thinking of becoming an active local dealer between and clients in PNG.
I also have plans to resign from my current employment and concentrate as being a active dealer for if ever I am given the opportunity.
Should this opportunity be given to me, I will take it all with both hands do all that I can to make it one successful venture ever in Papua New Guiena.

I have always been dreaming of such an opportunity and if this is given to me, I will certainly do what I have been dreaming of doing all these years.

With all that has been said and emphasized above, I can assure you that I am the right winner who will give back to with all that I can and to the best of my abilities that will never regret as it will be one of the best decisions that will ever make.

I may go on to say more and more in thousands of words but I am someone who does not want to speak so much about the things I am capable of and will do but I am someone who wants to let my actions speaks for themselves about who I am and what I am capable of doing.

With all that said, I can assure once again that I am the one to be picked as the winner for that very decision will go a long way to benefit and the potential clients of in port moresby and throughout Papua New Guinea.

Yours truly.

Wesley. Abegul.

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