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Washington Okinda Otonde from Kenya message

Washington Okinda Otonde from Kenya message
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Hi, there. I am excited about this promotion and looking forward to be one of the winners of four cars. I guess I’m having myself an opportunity of being a representative of CAR FROM JAPAN. As a representative, your expectation of me is that I will give the best image of CAR FROM JAPAN to those around me and as it’s said, you only sell/market a product that you know well.

This is a reason for me to become your winner. People nowadays are easily swayed by what they see, rather witness. Every other thing they get to hear of is just anotger story. They need to see tangible evidence for them to know that it surely works. Marketing on social media is great but also remember, we have a people who have these platforms but rarely use them. When I win with CAR FROM JAPAN and tell them about it and they can physically see it, it’s easier for them to believe and and join in this promotion.

I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a great promotion and I believe it’s going far and wide. It also creates a great opportunity for people like me to do marketing for you and better my marketing skills. I am not a trained mareket but I learnt while selling cars for friends and a few clients a couple of years back.

You guys are just so great.

I am looking forward to being your first winner and a happy and better representative for CAR FROM JAPAN.

Washington Okinda Otonde

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