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Vitalis Ragul from Kenya message

Vitalis Ragul from Kenya message
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I have been buying Japanese used cars since 2005. From the moment I bought my first car, Subaru Impreza-GF6, I knew I had made the right decision. The car was, to say the list, excellent in terms of quality, performance and everything that goes with an imported car. I have since bought three other cars in quick succession. These are Subaru Impreza-GG9, Toyota Corolla NZE and Volkswagen-Polo.
This competition – Car from Japan Grand Giveaway 2017 – comes at an opportune time for me as I prepare to buy another car from Japan. It will be a huge blessing if I am among the winners on the four cars that are up for grabs.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Car from Japan for the organizing the competition and for presenting us, customers the opportunity to win cars and other gifts. This campaign will sure enhance awareness about Car from Japan the world over and contribute towards the growth of your customer-base, across the globe, including Kenya where I live.
Keep up the good work you are doing.

Best regards,

Vitalis Ragul

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