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Victor Marbella from Philippines message

Victor Marbella from Philippines message
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Hello good afternoon may name is Victor Gamboa Marbella from Philippines,i am now at saudi arabia riyadh working as a cellphone technical.when i was a child until i grow up i was always saying that someday somehow i can achive having a car for my family for me and my daughter go to school and pick them up and for my wife that when we go to our work yet until now i strive to fullfill these goals for my family but still my saraly did not fit to buy one car even its to this time i was always hoping to win a car by joining a raffle or register online about having a free car.why i choose the car from japan?it is the one of the best cars in the world comparing to the other cars work from the other country.why?when it comes to the parts and we see that it came from japan its is a good choice to put in the car for having the best quality and original parts.the best car or van i choose for my family is has a big chasis big space and also that the toyota is not hard to find parts when its broken.the hi ace van is one that i want to have for my family.thank you for giving this kind of event online and thank for helping other people to achive those dreams and my dream also.again my name is victor g marbella im a filipino and thanks for this opportunity thanks for everything.

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