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Tumwesige Richard from Uganda message

Tumwesige Richard from Uganda message
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Hi there,it’s of great pleasure,that I’ve been chosen to take part in the CAR FRON JAPAN wining competition. Thanks you for giving me this opportunity to as well have a chance to ownership of a car or Any other gift from your country which I consider so special,and am actually very much grateful for taking part in this competition.The Ugandan people value Japanese products highly for they are so durable.And me wining one of them, will be great fortune for me to show the entire country /world that yes can give back to anyone. And am confident many more would develop more interest in buying and promoting Japanese products. since I can’t afford to but one just yet, I humbly would love to win one. All in all , thank you for bringing the news up my attention by the mail you sent me,and thanks to all the sponsors. Am so glad to participate in the “CARS FROM JAPAN WINNING COMPETITION”. Weldone for the best products,and more thanks to you for consistancely keeping your standards high. Please keep it up. Thank you

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