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Tumwebaze Pastor from Uganda message

Tumwebaze Pastor from Uganda message
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First and foremost, I like those Toyota cars especially Prado Tx due to its interior which is comfortable. I once entered a friend’s car and I felt like owning one but, I had no money to purchase one and when I saw the advert, my wish probably came true and I know i will be the winner.
Secondly, when I watch Mr. Chan in most of his Movies cruising any Toyota car, I feel my heart throbbing as if I am the one driving. From the crushes actors meet or make using Toyota car shows me the reason I must own myself a Toyota due the fact that they do not break or damage easily.
Because I like Toyota cars, i recently wrote a poem about them which goes;

My love
my lovely metal,
I love you so dearly
And my love is real
you are unbreakable
where can i find you, my love
never will there be better than you

you are oneness complete
nothing is impossible with you in hilly Kabale,
rain admires your inside
yet i keep whistling for it fears me
I am the greatest with you on my side
wherever you are, I will rescue you
together forever we shall live side by side

my Tx, mother longs for you,
father dreams about you,
you are part of our family
I call you my guardian,
My soul and my world
your interior saves my life from enemies
yet you consume little of my time
to deliver me wherever i wish to go
my flight to Japan is much expensive
but i promise i will get you
my fortune, my life,
my everything.

From that piece, I always long for more when I read it to my father and he thinks since am young I will never get myself a Toyota car but I am going to surprise him when he sees me driving myself in the most beautiful Toyota car come what may. Toyota cars is my dream and I hope to own one of them.
Thank you Chief Lan Phan I am so impressed for your concern and giving me that 10000000…$ chance of participating and being part of Toyota family.
May be blessed. Yours TX dreamer Tumwebaze Pastor.

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