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Tumbo Kabona from Tanzania message

Tumbo Kabona from Tanzania message
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My name is Tumbo kabona from Tabora, Tanzania, I am 31 years old
I would like to express the reasons behind why to pick me as the winner of car from Japan :
1st. I will be appropriate representation of the company CAR FROM JAPAN, since I studied a bachelor degree on public relations and marketing for three years, thus I will create a win win environment between CAR FROM JAPAN and large public here in Tanzania specifically Tabora region
2nd. Japanese used car are rarely available in our region, especially central regions such as Tabora itself, Singida, Dodoma and shinyanga region. On selecting me as a winner, these regions will have information and sell will rise
3rd, To this point I write this, I don’t have a car, but when car from Japan will select me the winner I will have a car, which will help me to convince people to have believe in you thus to join you blindly following the evidence I will show them, also the car will help me to go around those mentioned regions above to spread the good of car from Japan
4th. I have a huge plot fanced, thus on selecting me as a winner I will give it to car from Japan on low price to initiate a yard or a stock pot to operate in these central regions, who are mostly need transport of their agricultural products to Arusha, Dar-es-salaam, and Mwanza. They have money but little or no advertisement of used car for them to opt to purchase

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