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Tumain Sadick from Tanzania message

Tumain Sadick from Tanzania message
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My name is Tumain Sadick a student at Teofilo Kisanji University taking Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies.

Through the knowledge of environmental management, i will it to advice on the best way of reducing environmental impacts that created by transportation such as modification of engine in order to have less production of fumes/gases also advice on the introduction of engine that will be friendly to the environment as the technology will allow to go so far. I will use this chance by being ambassador in college and university students in Tanzania to motivate them on buying Japanese car by explain how best they are compared to other companies through showing them positive and negative effect of Japanese car and proof to them on how their negative impact are few to our environment.

I real appreciate the presence of Japanese car in market as it value all people with concern of their financial situation and durability where this make simple for any one to buy a car of his/her choice at Japan.
Nevertheless Japanese car most of them are friendly in consuming fuel and can be used in different locations/areas.
Also, Japanese car sweet all sex in a way that no special type for men or women anyone can use any car.

Best of luck in your competition at the market be more creative to add more buyers by reducing the negative impact in our environment, may God bless you.

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