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trudian wade-copeland from Jamaica message


hello, and good day to and your staff,firstly i would like to say a big thank you for giving such opportunity. i am a big fan of car from japan, i have entered the Christmas promo you had as well, i must say it was fun, for i have been too afraid to try these things. my name is Trudian Wade-Copeland,i am a mother of three wonderful kids and my husband is my best friend we do every thing together, . we currently have a Solon where he is the barber and i am the hairdresser,we have been doing this for about two years now at our home but its been a month now since we made a shop,its moving slow but we know it will progress someday. i am a hard working individual and i currently work at fleet master truck parts one of the biggest truck parts company in Jamaica where i am now the warehouse supervisor and currently doing sales and marketing, which brings me to the question “why you should pick me as the winner?
i think you should reconsider the question to “why should we not choose her”? i believe that i am the best person to win one of the cars because i am a dedicated and willing young lady that has a lot of ambition. I am used to the sales environment and i know that i can sell anything , having a Japanese used car will help me a long way in getting the message out to customers with a few marketing strategies i know i can put car from japan a far way on the automotive market in Jamaica. if you pick me i will dedicate my free time to the company by doing what needs to be done to getting the brand and sponsors name out there. i guarantee you wont be disappointed.The question of what i think about cars from japan, words cant explain, you guys are doing a marvelous job, on prices ,on keeping customers up-to-date with the latest sales and promotion via email and also great customer service and timely respond. what i think about car from japan? not only do you provide fuel efficient cars but also value for money, i would recommend any and every one to come aboard cause there is a car that fits them. hope you continue to do the good that you are doing and do have a wonderful day

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