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Tooria Tanre from Kiribati message

Tooria Tanre from Kiribati message
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First of all, I would like to thank you for having a competition like this, Car from JAPAN is a wonderful company for giving such a free competition. If I happened to be a winner I’ll be grateful cause I don’t have a car on my own and my family really needed one. For me having my own car is a dream come true it really mean everything to me and my family I always wanted to have a car not because i wanted to show it off but i wanted a car for my family especially my parent, they were kind of sick people and always wanted a transport for attending their appointment at hospital that located so far from our home and that they always mention that to me that if we have a car it will be better but I just cant afford to buy one.

So i’ve been thinking if im the winner i’ll be grateful and i will tell everyone about CAR FROM JAPAN and that they should bought or import their car from this company. Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for this competition you are great, hope I can get a chance to win if that possible

Thank you so much

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