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Tonny kibiwott from Kenya message

Tonny kibiwott from Kenya message
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im very glad for selecting me as one of the competitors,.. this also means a lot to me since i have always dreamt driving… and having my own car before im 25.As for now im 21 and ill be very glad if you as the management from cars from japan make my dream come true. My dream car has always been the lexus lx 570 or a Toyota mark X… im from Africa a country called Kenya where 90% of our automobiles are from japan and are highly respected for their reliability durability and fuel economy… which makes it ideal for both middle income earners to trust your cars.I think i fit in as the winner so as to continuously doing campaigns across not only in my country kenya but also the rest of Africa. What i like more about this Japanese cars is also the availability of their spare parts as there are many satellite stations that are genuine. The better part that comes in is also about the cost of maintenance which is low hence it doesn’t become a liability to the consumer. In terms of transmission the Japanese cars provide a perfect platform. personally i love manual transmission cars due to their speed and power and moreover they are fun to drive, but not everyone is into that, that is where this Japanese cars come in handy, and engineered the automatic cars to suit people of different taste and preferences especially in major cities within Africa. This cars also come in different colors and interior design.For me it’s not all about winning the much awwaited car from japan but also will always be engaged in all activities within the company so that it can be part of my day to day life. As a result i have realized that i am now your ambassador telling everyone in my locality about this great initiative of car fom japan initiative. its my humble request if i will always be your ambassador in my country in Africa called kenya and Africa in large since there is none at the moment. Honestly if ill be chosen by the car from japan management to win the Grand prize of q new car ill be the happiness young adult alive. Thanks in advance. Thank you for you automobile engineering you have touched many lives.In short car from japan are simply the best

yours sincerely
Tonny kibiwott

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