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Titus Karuga from Kenya message

Titus Karuga from Kenya message
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CAR FROM JAPAN, Japanese used car are the best being used in my country for they are affordable, less consumption of fuel and gas and they are not expensive to maintain. The spare parts for the maintainance are affordable in my country they are spacious and their mileages are perfect.
To pick me as a winner will be the greatest thing in my life because my dream is to own my own car fom Japan which will help me to work and earn money to sustain my family, i would register to uber services which would be under my maintainance. It will help mi to help the community back in my rural areas in anytime of need to the local and villagers in time need.The car would be my stepping stone of owning my cars from japan and use them in uber services and start a rental cars.
Hoping and praying i will be one the lucky winner this new year fom Japan.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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