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Tinei Mandava Mandava from Zimbabwe message

Tinei Mandava Mandava from Zimbabwe message
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I am Tinei Mandava Mandavastaying in Chiredzi and a Zimbabwean by citizenship. I have seen this competition CAR FROM JAPAN and got very much interested in it. Japanese used cars are really strong and I own one car from Cars From Japan. I have spent some good three years now with this car but the car has not given me much either breakdown headache or other functional challenges at all. I feel I am one of those to win this grant competition chiefly because I have been accepted into the competition and I have managed to do everything in my capacity that is required to participate in this competition. I also believe that I have equal chances of winning in this competition just like every other participant who has joined in and did everything that is required to be a participant. I also want to kindly ask the sponsors of this grand grand competition to continue advertising their products in Zimbabwe and highly believe that Zimbabwe could be one of the Countries with their major customer base in the Southern African Region.

Most Zimbabweans are socialites and it is much easier to get your information rapidly spread across the social media platforms including, among other channels, Facebook, twitter and Whats App just to mention some of them. Cars from Japan are really durable and are of wide ranging models and types giving the customer a wider spectrum of choice in accordance with one’s tastes and preferences. Zimbabwe is a peaceful country making it a better place to do business as compared to other Southern African Countries where there is political instability that affect business and smooth commodity (Cars) flow from Japan to Zimbabwe. I also want to believe that it was a blessing in disguise when the United States greenback became one of the major currencies in our money circular flow in Zimbabwe.

In addition to this, cars from Cars from Japan are Cheaper than any other cars that are manufactured and sold anywhere on this universe. I want to give an example here. You may buy a brand new Toyota model for $40 000.00 United States dollars else where in the World but you can buy the same vehicle model for say $12000.00 with the same features, efficiency,color, strength, year of manufacture, fuel consumption rate and comfort from Cars From Japan. So what can be the rationale for buying an expensive car when cheaper ones are there from Cars From Japan stock.

Just as an addition to the above, Cars From Japan Clearing and Shipping Agencies are also very efficient, honest and very much reliable if you are dealing with them. They always ensure that they handle customers with care and courtesy and they put in maximum effort and co-operation than any other Agencies that I have dealt with in the processes of importing cars.

I want to encourage all my family members, friends, socialites, business communities, churches, politicians, Government Departments and other parties that I have not mentioned here to buy their cars from Cars From Japan. I also feel honored if the sponsors of this grand competition publishes my message so that more potential customers will see this and eventually buy cars from Cars From Japan.

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