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Tinashe Mazhura from Zimbabwe message

Tinashe Mazhura from Zimbabwe message
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Hello Car From Japan. It is a very pleasant surprise to be given a chance to air my opinions for you whilst working around those topics

Firstly, I think your timing was impeccable to enter the untapped markets of the African countries given the souring of vehicle price locally. The African community is in dire need of cheap used cars since many countries are still to develop and I believe Car From Japan is the answer. For example in my country Zimbabwe, we can’t even afford to assemble a vehicle.

So Car from Japan, you’re assured of business in Africa as long as the situation stays like this. I have been following you 4 years now since i knew about you on Facebook and realised that you’re legit. Social media has become key instrument when it comes to reaching out to the people in Zimbabwe.

Also people want to hear about you from people like me since am a vehicle importer for four years ever since i graduated from university it has become my profession.This is also one of the reason why am supposed to win a car from you so that i can use it as marketing tool to lure clients for me and for you. Because when my business grows, your business grows too.

I also think Car From Japan should set up a local office in Harare to get closer to the people. There are people who do not even know how to use internet, who want buy at a physically present office, which I strongly believe will increase your clientele base.

Furthermore, some of the positive things i like about Car From Japan is the pricing strategy, promotional strategies and the quality of your cars and services. By giving back to the community, it is the best thing to do. Your prices are unbeatable making it possible for low income earners to make a purchase at any given time. And i also really need to praise the team responsible for picking cars from auction yards, they know what they do. I call it value of money for anyone purporting to buy a vehicle from you.

All i need is to advise my clients of all the positives i have learned from Car From Japan so that they can also consider buying their dream cars from your company. It also gives me determination when am looking at my business. I wish to buy my dream car from you.

Well i think the time has come for me to be on your prize list, because ever since i started participating in these competitions i never won a single thing and therefore I been thinking maybe it’s impossible to win. I have never won any competition e.g raffle, electronic even when i had got everything right. Maybe i was just unlucky. But well this time I will keep my fingers crossed, dream big and believe its going to happen. I think Car From Japan should make me the winner of the 1st prize because of my resilience, determination and focus when it comes to this competition and also the timing is perfect for my birthday prize on the 15th of February turning 28 years old. I will never forget that pleasant birthday all my life. Thank you Car From Japan👏👏👏❤ Zimbabwe is waiting for YOU

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