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Thomas Musadavatsva from Zimbabwe message

Thomas Musadavatsva from Zimbabwe message
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This time I need to win a car from Japan .failed last year December.l need these durable and efficient vehicles.Ihav been participating without winning anything l hope this time you will consider my participation.Thank you so much for notifying me about the competition by that same token I know you will make me happy.l luv Cars from Japan.Apart from that Japanese used cars played a pivotal role in the transformation of underprivileged and youth s lives since they are using the vehicles in transport business as taxis.Their durability and efficiency makes this possible due to reduced mantainence costs.More so most of the people in African countries are low income earners as a result without these Japanese used Vehicles most of us were not dreaming of having a vehicle due to poverty.In my own opinion I think Governments must exempt Japanese cars from paying duty because the very poor people struggle to purchase alow cost vehicle after that is requested to pay some more money which then becomes a stumbling block for many to drive own cars.For durable efficient and luxiourius cars I urge you all to buy cars from Japan .Basing on some of the vehicles purchased by my friends ;relatives and colleagues I love cars from Japan

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