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Terry scarberry from USA message

Terry scarberry from USA message
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I have owned a Honda since 1976 total of10 models still have 2 that I still drive. I told my grandfather who worked for pittsburg steel in 1976 if the USA makes a car as good is japan I would buy it i got a Honda . in 1980 you made a civic wgn with a crx engine and 4×4 6spd 1 BAD ASS CAR I see why the usa limits what comes here. I look every few days to see what you are selling . the car – n -a box would do well here but to sell it here would cost twice as much as japan money grubbing dealers how come I can order a container load of atvs and it cost 1600$ to usa but u want 3000 to ship one car ? you sell Japanese used cars I like the looks of your models better . i’m just a lone looker guess I lost !!! the grass is always greener over seas

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