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Terry McDougall from Kenya message

Terry McDougall from Kenya message
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Having received a sticker that 2017 “would be the year of great favour”, as a Christian I believe that winning the car of my dreams would certainly be God fulfilling that dream in my heart and that of my wife.

We are in need of a car, the one that we have has been down for so many months, asking for repairs that are expensive and not being able to afford it. Taking away that stress would be a great relief and savings to my household.

I have browsed CarfromJapan site and can only “browse and dream”, calculate and pray that one day I would be able to afford that lovely Toyota Prado with 4 cameras, 7 seater to accommodate my family and those lovely stars at night with the sunroof.

Please let me wake up from that dream with the presentation of a Toyota Prado with my name on it as the winner. I would be so thankful for such a lovely blessing.

Let it be God’s will that I win one of those four (4) cars from CarFromJapan in 2017.

God bless.

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