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Teriba Tabe from Kiribati message

Teriba Tabe from Kiribati message
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I’ve ordered two RAV4 vehicles and got one yesterday released from the Kiribati Port Authority. I was amazed to see such a very good car with no key but fully automatic. The condition was excellent to our standard in Kiribati and is almost just like a brand new car. I am satisfied with the services provided and felt proud to receive this one vehicle. The sales and marketing team from the “Car from Japan” are fantastic and responded instantaneously upon my queries. From inquiry to the receipt of this vehicle, the services is just fantastic and awesome. As a result I am again waiting for my next RAV4 vehicle to arrive soon and I have no doubt that it is coming and will surely meet beyond my expectations just like my first one which arrived yesterday. I used to order from other Car Suppliers in Japan but the services are nothing compared to this “Car from Japan” team. Initially I thought I was dealing with some ghosts agencies but through my inquiries and communications with the sales and marketing team, I started to realize that they are super professionals and very attentive to all sorts of inquires and as a result I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who is considering buying a car from Japan. The used cars from Car from Japan are in excellent condition and despite the years of manufacturing, the prices are very competitive and reasonable and affordable to low income earners who may wish to procure their very own cars either for their personal, family or business use. I am satisfied and highly recommend them to you!

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