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Tepaeru Makiroa Maire Mato from New Zealand message

Tepaeru Makiroa Maire Mato from New Zealand message
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Why i think you should choose me as your winner. I have been driving in a second hand and ex-rental car all my life and have never ever experienced sitting nor driven a brand new car. I am from the Cook Islands and it is hardly we get brand new cars here and if you are from a wealthy family then you have the luxury of owning a brand new car as for me i am not from a wealthy family hence the reason to driving a second hand or ex rental cars and the cost of it is $7500-$8500 and that is the cheapest you can go here in the Cook Islands. I know for a fact that Japanese cars are the best manufacturers in cars and are the best of the best. I would love to own a 2017 SUV TOYOTA VANGUARD. Thank you

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