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Tendai R. Mufunde from Zimbabwe message

Tendai R. Mufunde from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you for this lifetime opportunity, car from Japan. I am a single mother aged 35, and hold a class 4 driving licence issued here in Zimbabwe. In my home town I have seen lots of people with your stickers on their cars, some are colleagues from church some are just acquaintances. They all have spoken with one voice regarding your service, and quality of cars they have imported from you; “exceptional, easy, fast, convinient and most of all genuine!” They testify that they got their Japanese used cars in the exact condition as advertised commending on your intergrity. However the dream of owning a car personally is far from reality for me since I am not in a steady employment. Having lived outside my home country for some years, I can not secure a permanent position easily. I am a qualified nurse, with over ten years work experience, presently I am surviving on doing home visits assisting patients with personal care, cooking meals, and some need wound dressings and I ask for a nominal payment. Most of the time I return home late around 8/9pm because I use public transport skipping from one surbub to another till I eventually get to my house. Stories of muggings, abductions and rape around my neighbourhood and those I visit are endless and despite fearing for my life I still have to carry on since it is my only source of income to pay my bills and put food on the table for myself and only daughter. Owning a Japanese used car will make my errands less cumbersome and more safe. It will also be cheaper because then I will drop my daughter at school instead of her getting on a taxi every morning and afternoon. The fuel I will use will far much cheaper to buy than the amount of money I fork out to go round all my clients. Because of the positive feedback I hear regarding cars supplied by Car from Japan, I’d most definitely want you to provide me with one since I am guaranteed of durability, efficiency low cost maintainance and more importantly safety.
So once again thank you for such a giveaway and making people’s dreams of owning a car unfold into reality. I subscribe to your newsletter and marvel at the beauty and affordability (for those that earn better) of your cars, keep up the good work!

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