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Tendai R. Mufunde from Zimbabwe message

Tendai R. Mufunde from Zimbabwe message
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Thank you Car from Japan for this once in a lifetime opportunity to win a Japanese used car from among your stock. I am a Zimbabwean qualified registered nurse, aged 35, single mother of a 12year old daughter. I recently returned from abroad having lived outside my home country for 7years. Securing a permanent position in the local hospitals is proving a great challenge. However, I do get once off patients that need assistance at home from bathing and grooming, to preparing meals for them and some times do wound dressings, basically anything within my scope of practise I offer the services for a price token thereby making ends meet. Getting around using public transport is quiet hectic since I have to go across town to another surbub to see a patient. Essentially the more clients I attend, the more money I make.
I subscribe to your online updates in the hope of purchasing a car in the future but presently the dream is far from reality. I then saw this promotion and I have taken the chance to enter. I have church mates, colleagues and friends who have purchased their vehicles from Car from Japan, who testify the exceptional service you offer, ranging from good customer support, efficiency and intergrity. Besides being affordable, a Japanese used car is durable, reliable and has a sound operation as long as one services their vehicle as regularly as needed. I personally have driven a friend’s car purchased on your website and could hardly believe it was a used car! Most people are doubtful when it comes to online purchases especially cars for fear of receiving a completely wrong unit. Car from Japan has a reputation of sending the exact vehicle depicted on your website pictures which just reflects your honesty, intergrity and business accumen. All this feedback put together, who would opt for a different supplier of such a valuable asset?
If I win this vehicle, my daughter’s life and mine would be greatly enhanced and become less expensive since our commuting fares will be greatly slashed. I will then be dropping her off at school, and be able to extend my client base because I will be flexible driving my own car. Maintainance costs of a Japanese used car are far less cheap than of a vehicle pursed elsewhere.
Once again, thank you Car from Japan for this opportunity, I hope my entry meets your expectations. Please consider me your winner since I have a noble reason for the use of the car, enhancing quality of life for ailing popolace.

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